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ArtPride NJ Welcomes New President & CEO

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Adam Perle - accepted for Princeton Festival2ArtPride New Jersey–a coalition of arts organizations and individuals that advocates at local, state and national levels for funding, support and recognition of the arts as vital to New Jersey’s quality of life–is pleased to announce two staff changes. Adam Perle, former Vice President of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, has been hired in the new role of President & CEO with ArtPride New Jersey. Additionally, Ann Marie Miller, who has served ArtPride as Executive Director since 1995, will assume the new position of Director of Advocacy and Public Policy.

Mary Eileen Fouratt, President of ArtPride New Jersey’s Board of Trustees said, “After an edifying strategic planning process, we are delighted to embark on a new era in ArtPride’s arts advocacy work. Adam’s enthusiasm is contagious and will certainly help advance the organization to new levels. His background in business and tourism provide both leadership and support to ArtPride’s existing work and partnerships in these sectors.”

A principal figure in growing the Princeton Regional Chamber to one of the largest regional chambers in N.J., Perle led the creation of the Princeton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau, the official destination marketing organization for the Princeton-Mercer region. Perle also established the Princeton Area Arts & Culture Consortium, or PAACC, a committee of the Princeton Regional Chamber that is composed of local organizations that focus on the arts, culture and history.

“We are eager for Ann Marie to have a new opportunity to work on cultural policy matters that will assure the arts remain at a variety of tables with increased support from public and private sectors,” continued Fouratt. “Her experience in the field and her keen insight into advocacy and public policy will keep ArtPride at the forefront of our swiftly changing economic, civic and social environments.”

Miller, who has been responsible for managing a staff that has grown from one to seven fulltime employees since starting with the organization 19 years ago, will guide ArtPride New Jersey as it navigates the field’s current and ongoing challenges. Having advanced the organization from a $135,000 budget in 1995 to $1.8 million in 2014, Miller has worked to integrate programs and services that advance the organization’s mission to increase awareness of how the arts in N.J. are integral to the state’s economy, education and overall quality of life.

Here We Come Art-Wassailing

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We’ve all been hearing holiday music since before Thanksgiving, and while we may get tired of the same old carols, you can’t deny that these tunes really enhance the warm, loving, giving spirit … so here’s a little artistic twist on those traditional songs of the season.

And YOUR challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to invent some creative carols of your own and share them with us!  Send your title ideas, lyrics, or even videos of you and your friends belting out your artsy creations to Stephanie Carr, and then, keep checking in on Facebook for the latest contributions!

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Burgio/Rittenhouse Memorial Fund

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Last year we launched a new way to support ArtPride NJ and grow tomorrow’s advocates by honoring Jane Burgio and Berda Rittenhouse, two exceptional women who are remembered dearly as ardent and leading advocates. We are pleased to report that through the generosity of 32 inaugural friends, the Burgio/Rittenhouse Memorial Fund raised $12,000 to advance this cause.

Support for the Burgio/Rittenhouse Fund made possible:

  • Full scholarships for 3 young women, students at Montclair State University, to attend the annual
    National Arts Advocacy Day in Washington, DC.
  • A scholarship for one of NJ Emerging Arts Leaders to attend the National Arts Marketing Project sponsored by Americans for the Arts in Atlanta.
  • Support for the NJ Emerging Leaders who convened in October for the fourth annual Creative Conversations in celebration of National Arts & Humanities Month. This year’s program focused on building your best advocates, community, and career.

To all who helped launch the Burgio/Rittenhouse Memorial Fund, we offer our deepest thanks. But now, like those two indomitable ladies, we have to keep it going. In addition to scholarships for National Arts Advocacy Day and other ways we will encourage young advocates, plans are in the works to learn from the past and prepare for the future.

The NJ Emerging Arts Leaders have a bold idea, an intergenerational program called “Trading Places,” that is an innovative two-way mentoring confab. Seasoned managers among us will learn from young professionals who navigate new technology so freely, while they in turn will examine best practices (and failures) of New Jersey’s storied past. With Burgio/Rittenhouse Memorial Funds we can make “Trading Places” a reality.

Please consider a donation of $100 or more to support the continued success of the Burgio/Rittenhouse Fund.

As promised, the names of donors who contribute $500 or more will be added to the plaque honoring Jane and Berda that is in production right now. We will invite you to its dedication at ArtPride headquarters in the Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts in Burlington, NJ early in 2015.

Thank you and best wishes for the upcoming holidays!


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by Marisa Benson


I was looking for inspiration…the National Arts Marketing Project Conference was it!

An experience that was perfectly timed for the moment. I am in the process of revamping the art series that I present, ArtSpeaks and ArtsTechNJ, and working on two larger initiatives: the creation of a festival managers association and a plan for a local performing arts center.

Through ArtPride’s support of New Jersey Emerging Arts Leaders, this opportunity to build and engage with arts marketing leaders throughout the country was made possible.

The conference featured exciting speakers, including Steve Stoute of Translation who spoke on marketing campaigns that included the Made in America festival series that widened the appeal of Budweiser and the State Farm partnership campaign with the NBA that focused on “connections and assists” to attract young college graduates, a key segment they were losing over time. Elizabeth Streb, a pioneer of “Extreme Action” dance, emphasized the importance of interruption; and Sha Hwang an artist/data engineer creates jewelry that reflects ones travels by connecting GPS coordinates!

From these speakers, I was inspired to explore the potential connections between arts and sports, to embrace interruption, find ways to fly and visualize data in wearable ways! (Check out Sha’s full closing keynote here.)

Panels explored the usual marketing topics (social media, data analytics, outreach and audience experience) but went beyond and including really cool things like:

Inspirations that are wearable –


Google Glass has a lot of potential, in terms of how it can enhance an experience. Imagine an experience in which you go to a play and you can choose the camera and commentary to see, whether it’s backstage, on stage, or an aerial view. Envision the potential of Google Glass and other wearable tech in terms of assistive technology, improving the experience for audiences with disabilities. A play that is touring multiple locations can have a sign language interpretation happen at one location then be presented at future presentations as the viewers view the recording alongside the live performance.

I look forward to having a future ArtsTechNJ series on this idea of experiences through the eyes of Google Glass and wearable technology.

Inspirations that are easy to relate to –

The concept of a partnership between Zipcar and a local theater: short plays in a car that would be participatory, two to three minutes long. It was called the “break-up series.” You would get in the car and the actor/actress would dump you…an experience most people can relate to.

I would love to see something similar to this happen at this year’s Art All Night.

Inspirations that connect arts and sports –marisa1

A featured minute-long video highlighting Atlanta’s art scene played at halftime of a sports game, fully funded by Chick-fil-A. I would love to see the Trenton arts scene highlighted this way at a Trenton Thunder or Trenton Freedom game!

And the campaign between State Farm and NBA—imagine if an arts organization was in State Farm’s position.

In addition to these inspirations there was one-on-one coaching, karaoke and dancing!

Key takeaways:

On pricing and the arts:

I was inspired to bundle my arts programming series and reframe the pricing structure. I also learned subtle ways to instill value. For instance, if you have a suggested donation, you should also have a pay- because-you-can price—higher than regular price—to encourage people to give more if they are able and feel the value of your work.

On arts and sports:

Team up with sports teams in creative ways. Remember the fan base of sports players and artists and how that can be leveraged. The same goes for sponsors. Get creative with it!

On experience:

Make it memorable! Make it unconventional! The break-up series is a great example of this. Perform plays in homes, host dances on box trucks! I absolutely loved the idea of DanceTruck. Imagine an audience in movement! I am already dreaming up ways I can incorporate this into the series I present.

And finally, on Millennials:

Thank you again, ArtPrideNJ, for helping emerging leaders like me gain new insights and new friends.


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The sparkling decorations, the chill that makes hot cocoa so very satisfying, the carols being sung without care, and, of course, the generosity.  Personally, I believe one of the best things about this season is watching someone’s face light up as they open the most perfect gift, and that feeling is what #GivingTuesday is all about.

Non-profit arts organizations throughout New Jersey count on your end-of-the-year donations to sustain them, and those organizations count on ArtPride New Jersey to help them succeed so please consider a donation today.

When you support ArtPride, you support:

New Jersey Arts Educaton PartnershipArts Education – NJAEP is the place to go for arts education information, policy and advocacy. Learn how the arts are key to a well-rounded education for our children.


artmattersnj1Community Engagement – ArtMattersNJ is the newest tool for organizations and communities to highlight the impact of the arts within communities.


AAHNJ LogoArts & Healthcare – AAHNJ connects artists and arts professionals with health and wellness providers to create a healthier New Jersey through the arts.


Discover Jersey ARtsAudience Participation –  DJA is a multi-faceted audience development program aimed at increasing the awareness of and participation in the arts in New Jersey.



njeal new logo-page-001Emerging Arts Leaders – NJEAL offers networking, professional development, connections to arts leaders, and other resources for early-career arts administrators.




Advocacy – ArtPride NJ keeps your voice loud and clear in support of the arts. Use the Arts Action Center to remind federal, state and local lawmakers that you support the arts and you VOTE!

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