2017 Candidate Responses

Please see your candidates’ answers to ArtPride NJ’s 2017 survey below. This survey was distributed to all incumbent legislators and challengers. View survey

If you do not see your district candidate(s) answers, he or she did not return a survey.

Want to urge your candidate to say where they stand on the arts? Let us know who is missing and we will contact that candidate again directly, or you can share the survey yourself (see link above). Candidates often are more diligent about responding when they know a potential voter is personally interested in an issue.

ArtPride New Jersey strives to present fair and balanced information from all candidates, and is not providing candidate endorsements. Candidate survey results are made public under the auspices of ArtPride NJ, Inc. a 501(c)(4) organization.

NJ Candidate Responses:

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