Our Policy Agenda

Beyond public funding measures, ArtPride encourages and garners support for legislation and policies that strengthen the arts in New Jersey.

Arts Organizations

  • Increase annual cultural project appropriation for NJ State Council on the Arts and the NJ Cultural Trust
  • Maintain NJSCA’s peer review panel process that assures impartiality & accountability
  • Achieve sustainability through constitutionally dedicated state funding for arts, history, and tourism
  • Preserve “Percent for Art” legislation that commissions public art in state buildings
  • Dedicate state funds to maintain and preserve public art


  • Encourage CREATE Acts that suppport artists, entrepreneurs, and the creative economy
  • Artist Fair Market Value Deduction- ability to deduct fair market value of art work on state/federal gross income tax returns

Art in Communities – Public Value & Solutions to Social Issues

  • Conduct research on arts participation and economic activity (Arts in Economic Prosperity Studies)
  • Establish Mayors Committee on Arts & Economic Development (NJ League Of Municipalities)
  • Seek funding and professional development opportunities for arts in redevelopment (New Jersey Redevelopment Authority)
  • Partner with the National Consortium on Creative Placemaking, Creative NJ, Sustainable Jersey
  • Increase cultural tourism in NJ
  • Encourage Cultural (Artist) Districts, cultural plan development, arts inclusion in Municipal master plans
  • Arts in Healthcare initiatives (Art Matters NJ, Cultural Access Network) and Arts in the Military initiatives

Arts Education

  • Promote the recommendations of the NJ Arts Education Census Project
  • Arts Ed Now campaign to increase student participation in the arts
  • STEM to STEAM arts integration initiatives

Individual Philanthropy

  • Support deductions on NJ taxes for donation to all charitable non-profit organizations
“Policy requires action to reach implementation and permeate down into our communities and arts programs – at both the grassroot and the grasstop levels. Through advocacy, we push for policy changes to be reflected in our laws. If you are an arts professional, you know the transformative value of the arts and you realize the potential of creating polices across disciplines that include art components.” [Americans for the Arts, americansforthearts.org]
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