Arts Plan NJ

Arts Plan NJ is an action plan to create a better New Jersey through and for the arts.   Arts Plan NJ implementation is a co-sponsored project of ArtPride NJ Foundation and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.   The Plan lays out goals and strategies for the arts to help our communities grow and prosper and achieve their very best for the benefit of all of us.

Crafted in collaboration with almost 1,000 leaders from other sectors including education, business, philanthropy, healthcare, civic organizations, other nonprofits and governmental agencies, Arts Plan answers:

  • How do we as New Jerseyans value the arts?
  • What do they mean to our lives and communities?
  • How do we sensibly and efficiently invest in the arts to improve the quality of life in New Jersey?

  The Goals of Arts Plan New Jersey:

  1. Grow thriving and vibrant communities through the arts
  2. Build the very strongest arts community possible
  3. Provide lifelong arts education
  4. Broaden, deepen and diversify cultural participation
  5. Foster a strong network of support for artists
  6. Apply advanced technology

Arts Plan NJ implementation engages business professionals, government leaders, nonprofit leaders, healthcare providers, educators, social service providers, economic development professionals, and countless others in developing arts initiatives that impact their goals.  Implementation of Arts Plan NJ includes advocating about the benefits of the arts, engaging different sectors in arts initiatives, and ensuring the arts are not only at the planning tables but taking responsibility for social and economic innovation.

For more than a decade Arts Plan NJ has played a role in the development of numerous key initiatives including:

  • New Jersey Cultural Trust – a public/private partnership that provides grants to support capital projects, endowments and institutional and financial stabilization of arts, history and humanities organizations.
  • Discover Jersey Arts – a multi-faceted audience development program aimed at increasing the awareness of and participation in the arts in New Jersey.
  • New Jersey Arts Education Partnership – the unifying organization and central resource for arts education information, policy and advocacy in New Jersey.
  • Alliance for Arts and Health New Jersey – a resource for connecting artists and arts professionals to those who provide health and wellness services.

Currently, Arts Plan NJ is involved with numerous partners in developing new initiatives in New Jersey’s many vital sectors including business, healthcare, education, planning, local/county government, and sustainability.  Visit and “like” the Arts Plan NJ Facebook page, NJ Arts Matter, for stories about how the arts are transforming communities and to tell your story.   To learn more about how you, your community or your work can benefit from connecting, please contact us.

Please take a look at our Arts Plan NJ Executive Summary.


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