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Through ArtPride’s Arts Action Center, you can contact elected officials directly and stay up-to-date with arts-related legislation. Just enter your address, and a letter with information on the current issue will be addressed to elected officials in your district, or a petition will be filled out on your behalf.  Add a personal touch by sharing a story about how the arts impact your neighborhood.

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Active Issues

The Time to Act is Now!
YOU Can Help Increase New Jersey State Support for Arts, History, & Tourism!

We need you to take action NOW in two important ways, and help increase state appropriations for arts, history, and tourism.

  1. Ask your New Jersey Assembly members to sponsor and support A3101.
  2. Email/write/phone Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and ask him to post A3101 for a vote in committee and before the full State Assembly.


State funding for arts, history, and tourism has been frozen at depressed levels since 2010. NO NEW REVENUE is needed to support the minimums proposed by A3101 because they come from an already dedicated revenue source, the New Jersey Hotel/Motel Occupancy Fee.

The moment has arrived when your action will have its greatest impact. PLEASE ACT NOW!

To find your state Assembly representatives, search here. To email Speaker Coughlin, use the sample email to contact him directly here or call him at (732) 855-7441.

Here is a pdf that offers more information on the bill, lists its current sponsors, and includes talking points that will help you craft a message to your district legislators. Please call the ArtPride office if you need help. Again, PLEASE ACT NOW!


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