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Through ArtPride’s Arts Action Center, you can contact elected officials directly and stay up-to-date with arts-related legislation. Just enter your address, and a letter with information on the current issue will be addressed to elected officials in your district, or a petition will be filled out on your behalf.  Add a personal touch by sharing a story about how the arts impact your neighborhood.

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Active Issues

Place Drama Therapists and Dance/Movement Therapists Licensing Act on Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee Agenda

The Drama Therapists and Dance/Movement Therapists Licensing Act (A1220/S675) has passed through the Senate Commerce Committee and now will be moving on to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

We are asking for your help once again! Please click here to urge Senator Sarlo to place this bill on the agenda of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee for a vote as soon as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Sponsors Needed for Arts Funding Bills

Please ask your NJ State Legislators to Sponsor S247/A3101 to Increase Funding for Arts, History & Tourism

S247/A3101 – Increases minimum annual amounts for appropriation for certain arts, historical heritage, and tourism purposes from hotel and motel occupancy fee revenues.

This bill does not change the poison pill level that remains in place, but by proposing $25 million of increased appropriation is supportive of the needs that exist in all three communitiesSponsors are needed for both bills, so please contact your legislators today and ask them to co-sponsor these bills in the Assembly and Senate.

Current primary sponsors of S247 are Senators Jeff Van Drew (R-Dist 1) and Senator Troy Singleton (D-Dist 7), and co-sponsors are Senators Thomas Kean, Jr.  (R-Dist 21), Patrick Diegnan (D-Dist 18), Bob Gordon (D- Dist 38), and Chris Brown (R-Dist 2).

Current primary sponsors of A3101 are Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones (D-Dist 5) and Assemblyman Dan Benson (D-Dist 14).

Please take a moment to thank the current sponsors for their support.

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