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Why Art Matters

Boosts economy and business:

  • art matters businessSpurs economic development
  • Stimulates business development and supports local business
  • Creates jobs
  • Bolsters tourism


Advances education:

  • art matters educationIncreases academic performance
  • Raises self esteem
  • Enhances 21st century workforce readiness skills
  • Reduces drop-out rates


Improves health and wellness for all:

  • art matters healthReduces patients’ use of pain medication and length of stay in the hospital
  • Reduces level of depression and use of medications
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Better compliance with recommended treatments—offering substantial savings in healthcare costs


Builds stronger communities:

  • art matters communityCreates sustainable communities with high appeal to residents and business
  • Brings groups together and spreads cultural understanding
  • Spurs urban renewal and revitalizes downtowns
  • Encourages civic engagement
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