Cooperative Media Database

A web-based PR solution designed to help you efficiently identify, reach and engage traditional and social media contacts.

The media field is ever changing, but how do you keep up with it all? With programs like the Cooperative Media Database.

Created to aid you in addressing the public relations needs of your organization, CMD helps you get in front of the outlets you care about by allowing you to quickly and easily identify and reach key media contacts and social media influencers.

And now it’s your turn to tell your story!

Why NASDAQ/MyMediaInfo?

Your time is valuable. Spend it talking to journalists, not looking for their contact details. Create your media list quickly and have more time to build the relationships that are important to your success.

Feel confident in the accuracy of your data with the largest in-house research team in the industry working for you. MyMediaInfo reviews, updates and date stamps each record to ensure that its media contacts database has the most accurate information available so you don’t waste your time chasing contacts who have moved on.

Details make the difference. MyMediaInfo’s profiles have valuable information about your media contacts that can help you create the perfect pitch. You’ll also have access to your own private text fields, allowing you to add any information you find helpful to each journalist profile for your eyes only.

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What’s Included?

▶ Media Contacts Database – Identify contacts and build media lists to send targeted messages. Build an extensive social media influencer contact list using unique search criteria and our rankings. Leveraging the industry’s largest PR team, profiles are reviewed regularly for accuracy and date stamped to show the last update.

▶ Editorial Calendar Database – Access the industry’s most comprehensive database of editorial calendars and receive email alerts so you don’t miss a deadline.

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Your annual subscription covers unlimited access to MyMediaInfo’s media and editorial calendar databases, so you can build, save and export updated media contact lists using the industry’s most accurate database as often as you like.

  • $795 per seat (member rate)
  • $995 per seat (nonmember rate)

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2018-19 program year runs September 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019
Registration Deadline: Extended to Friday, August 17, 2018

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