ArtPride New Jersey Foundation is the only statewide nonprofit organization that offers resources for the entire arts community.  From attaining nonprofit tax benefits, to filling jobs, to making the case for arts funding, we are here to help.

Arts Advocacy Tool Kit

Be an advocate for the arts. These tools will provide you with statistics, stories, and tips to strengthen your case for supporting the arts and arts education.
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The Arts Mean Business

arts mean business 20092009 report on the economic impact of New Jersey’s nonprofit arts and associated audience spending on the State’s economy.
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As a service to the community and a benefit for ArtPride member organizations, the Job Bank offers  listings for positions in the nonprofit arts throughout the state.
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Connections Gallery

Beginning as a place to creatively express the complex feelings experienced following the September 11 terrorist attacks, this online visual and literary art gallery has grown into an exhibition for all New Jersey artists. Made possible through the generosity of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.
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Nonprofit Basics

Covering tax information, contingency planning, IT donations, and the NJ Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, these nonprofit basics will help your organization survive and thrive.
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