Connections Gallery

The Connections Online Art Gallery is here to exhibit your personal works of art — both visual and literary.  Made possible through the generosity of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, this online gallery began as a place to creatively express the complex feelings experienced following the September 11 terrorist attacks.  Over the years it has grown into an exhibition for all New Jersey artists.  At Art Pride New Jersey, we know that when times get tough, people turn to the arts.  We hope you will use this gallery as a way to connect to others, express what cannot be easily be spoken, memorialize lost lives, and celebrate freedom, diversity and pride.  To upload your work, complete the Artist Gallery Submission form, following the instructions on the form.

Acceptable image formats for Connections Gallery submission include .jpg, .png, .gif and .pdf.  In order to view documents in Adobe Acrobat format on the Connections Gallery you must have a program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download).  To view these documents in a new  instant viewer window in the same way that images are displayed you may need to download and install an add-on or extension for your browser.

Once you’ve placed your work into the gallery, please use the card feature to share it with friends and family and spread the word about Connections.  We hope you will return often to participate and watch this project evolve over time.  We welcome your feedback.  Please email us at

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