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For Individuals:

Please consider a donation to the ArtPride New Jersey Foundation to support our research on trends affecting the arts, audience engagement, community partnerships, and arts education.  Donate today.

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For Organizations:

Member organizations support ArtPride New Jersey’s advocacy efforts in Trenton and Washington, D.C. and receive year-long benefits.  Your organization’s annual membership also offers opportunities to build stronger relationships within New Jersey’s growing arts community.

Benefits Include:

  • Special invitations and early-bird discounts to ArtPride NJ events
    (ex: Discover Jersey Arts Thrive Conference, NJ Arts Day, National Arts Advocacy Day)
  • Participation in the Audience Insights Manager (AIM)
  • Access to Jersey Arts Marketers cooperative advertisements
  • Free postings to the Online Job Bank
  •  A voice in Trenton and Washington, D.C.

If you require an invoice or purchase order, please contact the ArtPride New Jersey office at 609-479-3377 extension 301.

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